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Vendor Management

NEELATECH’s IT Vendor Management: Streamline Your IT Processes
Your company operations is often made up of a network of IT-related services weaved together to optimize the daily processes. This will enable a smooth and efficient delivery of product or services to your customers. To ensure that the diverse range of IT-related service integrate well to complement each other, your firm has to manage the various IT vendors for a seamless solution. This often requires good IT knowledge to pinpoint any potential pitfalls and to spot areas for improvements.

What is IT Vendor Management?
IT Vendor Management is the process of coordinating and closing the gap between several IT related suppliers that is responsible for delivering parts of an IT process in order to make an operation whole.

The coordination and closing of gap between IT suppliers often involves good technical knowledge and experience so that parts of the system can be integrated seamlessly. At times intervention is needed in the form of technical configuration and advice through recommendation.

NEELATECH’s IT vendor management service streamlines functions such as vendor selection, timelines and deliverables, and customer needs. This can help you to achieve your IT goals and targets.

Benefits Of Choosing NEELATECH To Manage Your IT Suppliers
Our vendor management service allows your company to streamline IT processes in these four key areas:

NEELATECH Helps Your Team Grow
As your firm grows, the demands of customers grow too. And so does your list of vendors and the services they offer. It then becomes increasingly difficult to manage the vendor owners, procurement processes, contract details, communication liaisons, and to integrate their operations with your internal procedures.

NEELATECH helps your Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other IT managers to streamline the vendor relationship upkeep processes and procurement procedures with standardized rules of engagement. It also enables your finance and accounting wings to holistically manage IT-related costs while increasing their purchase power and bargaining influence.

This empowers the IT team to engage more in maintenance, innovation, and flawless collaboration.

Factors When Choosing IT Vendor Management In Malaysia & Singapore
Outsourcing your customer services and internal processes to vendors can be a tricky business, with high failure rates. NEELATECH understands this and works to address challenges commonly faced while also looking out for challenges unique to your company and industry.

We understand that the IT ecosystem is fast-paced with a high risk of obsolescence. Additionally, your Sourcing and Vendor Management (SVM) teams face the pressure of dealing with incomplete buy-ins on the part of both clients and vendors.

Each of these challenges affects multiple aspects of your company’s operations and service delivery. When choosing an IT vendor manager in Malaysia & Singapore, be sure it tackles the following challenge