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IP PBX & VOIP are widely used terms in businesses. These technological solutions simplify the working of businesses by allowing the brands to interact both internally and externally on a real-time basis.

These terms, however, are often misunderstood by people. Some say that both are the same, whereas, others say that the two differ from each other. Let’s understand more about these terms followed by how Neelatech can provide you a strong base for the smooth run of your business.

What is IP PBX & VOIP?
IP PBX and VOIP is a term used interchangeably in the IT industry which can be rather confusing. IP PBX refers to the telephony system while VOIP refers to the underlying technology itself.

IP PBX which stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a type of enterprise telephone system where calls between users on local lines are switched using the fast data networks which is the IP part of the system.

VOIP which stands for Voice Over the Internet Protocol refers to the actual technology that allows telecommunications to be made via a data network.