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Firewall Implementation

Firewall Implementation and configuration

What is a Firewall and how does the Firewall work?
Firewall is a network security device that applies to the network layer access control. It defines the nature of packets and whether network access should be granted or denied to a given IP address. It monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic and defines the packet rules to accept, reject, or drop the network traffic.

A Firewall works by setting up the rules and controls how companies access the information. A typical Firewall works in controlling the traffic on the network through packet filtering, proxy services, and stateful inspection. If an incoming traffic is flagged by the filters then it is not allowed to access the network.

Do companies need it?
The implementation of a Firewall is important for an organization and it adds to a number of benefits to an organization. It protects an organization from external threats and creates a secure internal network from unauthorized traffic in an organization. A company can set up rules like FTP servers, web servers, and so on.

In addition to this, companies can control how the employees of an organization can connect to the websites, how the packets are transferred over the network, and whether the packets are allowed to be left out of the organization or not.

What is the next-generation Firewall?
The next generation Firewall is also known as the third generation of Firewall technology. It is implemented either through a hardware or through a software by detecting and blocking the potential attacks, security policies, ports, and protocols levels.

A third-generation Firewall acts as a central management application by pushing out the policies across a large number of devices. It functions as security monitoring, user behaviour analysis to identify a spot of malicious applications.

The Firewall also works in threat intelligence and blocks a user’s malicious behaviour, spammers, and known threat indicators. An organization can use it for load balancing purpose, geolocation detection, intrusion detection, reverse proxy, URL checking purpose, Sandboxing, and antivirus and antimalware purpose.

Its integration in an organization acts as a protection from external threats. It offers integrated intrusion prevention systems, identity awareness, application awareness, bridged and routed models, and its ability to use external intelligence sources.
Why choose Neelatech?
Neelatech is designed to deliver a holistic hardware and software solution to the small and medium-sized business. The Neelatech IT team helps in firewall Implementation and configuration by evaluating the possible threats that the organizations may encounter over the period of time. This helps you in getting your mind off the security and concentrate on the core activities of the business which would be profitable in the long run.

Once the service is integrated into the system, it minimizes the risk of security breaches. It reduces the security administration overhead while evaluating genuine security loopholes in the system. This then acts as an early warning intelligence that is proactive to protect the business operations. The system also follows a log storage mechanism that proves useful in the evaluation of the system at a given point of time.

Neelatech is powered by a team of versed professionals who are actively involved in designing and implementation cycles for each company according to their IT security needs. This is then followed by the implementation service to make the necessary amendments in the system for ensuring the safety in the long run perspective. The team does not leave the clients after installing the relevant tools rather, they coordinate and keep up with them and they also provide timely updates and upgradations in the system to ensure the holistic safety of the system.

With extensive support and out of the box service, Neelatech has gained a proven experience in the IT outsourcing. We guarantee customized service, on-site support, 24/7 monitoring of the system, log archival capabilities, and much more. We handle routine as well as the company’s emergency policy changes in a defined time frame.