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IT Services

Seamless & Hassle-Free IT Support Services in Malaysia & Singapore
Running your own IT department can be both time-consuming and really expensive. The cost alone of acquiring the IT infrastructure you need can dig deep into your budget. Not to mention the hassle of hiring people to manage your IT requirements. You do not have to deal with these problems if you choose to outsource your IT solutions to an outside firm. They can take the responsibility and burden out of your hands. This is already a common practice, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. It is very practical and the rewards it offers for businesses are highly beneficial.

Finding the Right IT Service Provider
When looking for IT support services in Malaysia & Singapore, there are certain things that you should take into consideration. The first thing you should look into is the provider’s reputation in the IT community. Are they offering services that they can actually deliver? Does the firm have all the tools, resources, and manpower to provide you with the solutions you need? One way of gauging the company’s reputation is to look for reviews online. Read about what former clients are saying about the company. Read as many reviews as you can because there’s a chance that some of the reviews you are reading may have been sponsored by the company itself.

The Main Benefits of Getting IT Support Services are:
Direct access to trained, experienced, and qualified professionals.This is the biggest benefit of IT service management. You do not have to go through the hassle of training people or hiring employees to function as your IT team. With an IT firm behind your back, you are assured of high-quality services.
Minimized risks.Managing and updating an IT infrastructure is an all-round job. It has to be watched over closely to ensure that things are always running smoothly. Firms have the capacity to get this done through automation and tracking/monitoring systems. In short, there are less risks involved.
Ability to focus on your core business operations.It is not a good idea to run your business while trying to manage your IT infrastructure. This can cut your efficiency and productivity especially if you have limited manpower and resources. IT is an ever-changing landscape with new technologies emerging which requires constant learning and upgrading. Through outsourcing, you can devote all of your time into running your core business operations. The IT firm will handle your IT solutions.
There is better security for your business data.If your business has an online presence, you are always vulnerable to hacking attacks. You have better protection against these attacks if there is a full-fledged IT firm managing your IT infrastructure. Most IT firms employ several levels of security measures for their clients.
You have better access to the latest technology.Information technology is always evolving almost on a daily basis. If you have an outdated infrastructure, you are more susceptible to attacks and your system will not be as efficient. If you are getting your IT services from an outside firm, you will not have to deal with this problem.
Quicker response to emergencies.Even the most secure IT infrastructures are not immune to disastrous problems. In these scenarios, you are going to need a firm who has what it takes to tackle the problem with efficiency and urgency.
In a nutshell, if you want the management of your IT solutions to be seamless and hassle-free, you are going to need an IT service provider. Fortunately, there are a lot of reputable IT service provider companies in Malaysia & Singapore. It is always recommended to find one that is dedicated and reliable in their goal of providing IT services.

Server Implementation

A server is the most vital part of the organization. It acts as the most crucial part of the development of an organization. A high-performance server protects an organization from unprecedented crashes, server down issues, data losses, and the increased downtime of sites.

Server Implementation ensures data safety and allows the retrieval of an organization’s data at a faster rate. Implementing a server lets an organization have a competitive edge with cost-effective solutions as it reduces the hardware cost since one dedicated server can hold multiple virtual machines. This allows organizations to meet compliance and performance standards.

Importance of Server Implementation
Server Implementation maximizes the profit of an organization and reduces the overall cost incurred in the business. With a Server, one can create a scalable and reliable environment which is proficient for securing the company’s data. This shortens the response time and yields improved performance.

Implementation of a server provides businesses with a centralized control mechanism that would ensure protection from any unauthorized damage to the system. Having a centralized control would be beneficial in assigning access rights to data within the company structure thus increasing the IT security aspect in a long-term perspective.

What makes us unique?
Neelatech is designed to provide innovative technological solutions that are reliable and optimized. The services rendered by Neelatech allows businesses to have access to the production-ready server with shortened response time. The aim is to build a productive environment and enhance operations with a reduced overall cost.

Our offerings which provide clients with a competitive edge include:

Capacity Planning
Planning for enough resources to cater for business expansion allows a maximum return on investment (ROI). This means to strike a good balance between server productivity and letting the server take on a maximum load level to fully utilize its resources. With this in mind, the system becomes compliant to handle multiple numbers of users/transactions at the same time.
Security is our top priority
We do not compromise with the security and the secrecy of the data. When it comes to confidentiality, integrity, and the secrecy of the data, we adopt a zero tolerance policy through which all confidential and sensitive information would be protected and safeguarded.
Data Transparency
We provide transparency to the admin of the server. This would make sure that the server is safeguarded and there is a complete tracking of the confidential information of an organization. This would ensure that the information is not misused and the way the information is used is controlled and protected.

Methodologies of server Implementation
Neelatech follows a step-by-step methodology for server implementation. The various steps included in the server

o Planning
At this stage, the deployment of the server is planned.
o Analyze
Here, the goals of the organization are analyzed and are matched with the business requirements to meet the goals.
o Designing
At the designing phase, the components specified in the logical structure are mapped to the physical environment to produce a high-level server deployment architecture.
o Implementation
This phase covers the migration plan, installation plan, user management plan, test plan, etc.
o Support
We provide customer support to maintain the system over the span of its life.
Transform your organization now!
Server Implementation is one of the fruitful techniques increasing productivity and security in an organization. It offers a wide range of benefits to the organization and allows an organization to transform with improved performance and established good IT reporting structure.

Whether your organization is a small or large enterprise, Neelatech is able to propose a suitable solution so that your business can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The system shall be robust, fruitful, and act as a performance multiplier.

So, transform your organization and explore the wide range of possibilities!

Server Installation and Configuration

Server Installation and Configuration Service
Keep your data safe and secure with a server

A dedicated database server plays an important role in an organization’s operation success. The server manages the database with intelligence, reliability, and offer holistic protection to the organization’s important data with maximized productivity.

Having a database server is critical for businesses and would provide them with a competitive edge in the marketplace. Organizations would be able to increase their resources with a database server since files can be compressed and stored in the database server thus vastly increasing their storage capacity. Having more resources would enable delivery of complete solutions to customers with simplicity and ease.

Difficulties faced in Server Installation and Configuration
Server Installation and Configuration can be a straightforward process if it is done methodically. However, it may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming to people who do not have any prior knowledge relating to the setting up of a server.

Furthermore, the process of setting up the server should be done with Neelatech and precaution as a single wrong step can lead to downtime causing huge losses to an organization. On the security aspect, server installations and configurations should also ensure that there are no loopholes such as an external individual exploiting the data present on the server.

Need a Professional
If you are a newbie and do not have adequate knowledge about the server installation and configuration, it is recommended to have the help of a professional on the domain.

A professional of the domain will help you built a secure database server without the presence of any loopholes. The resulting server will have the appropriate security settings as desired by the organization. This would further ensure the safety and reliability of the confidential data of the organization.

Benefits of having us
Neelatech is one of the renowned names in the industry that is known for their technical expertise and reliability as well as dedication in taking Neelatech of client’s needs. We help our IT customers thrive while ensuring the protection, safety, and security of their data.

Neelatech is known in the industry for our unmatched services that we deliver to our clients. The reasons clients trust us include:

Proactive Solution:
We take Neelatech of the business’s present as well as future needs by projecting and maintaining the server for growth. This provides companies with good IT ground to smoothen operations so that their business can thrive.
24/7 Support:
We do not provide a one-time service to our clients. Instead, we believe in building a long-term relationship that rests firmly over the foundation of trust and respect. Even if there are issues after service, we are more than happy to assist our clients.
Timely Checks:
We offer our clients timely checks and server maintenance which is essential to keeping the hardware healthy and in optimizing working conditions. Necessary changes are then incorporated in the organization which makes them competitive and reliable.

Server Migration

Server Migration can be defined as a technique of migrating content from your old server to the new server. The process of migrating the data involves security concerns, data loss concerns, authentication concerns, etc. due to which the process must be completed with intense Neelatech. Hence, it would be best taken Neelatech of by enlisting the help of professionals of that domain.

Hiring the IT professionals for Server Migration service ensures that the process of data migration is carried out smoothly and securely while ensuring that all data is backed up properly and the content is then migrated between the servers. This standard procedures make sure that no part of the data has been changed or modified while the data migration is being carried out. It eliminates the possibilities of data loss or data change concerns and ensures that the migrated data are intact.

Processes of Data Migration
Different companies undertake different approaches for the process of data migration, but, the ultimate goal of every company is the successful migration of data to the new server. At Neelatech, we normally adopt a 5-step process to ensure a safe and successful data transfer to the new server. The various steps involved in our data transfer process include:

1. Planning:
The initial planning will provide understanding of the project requirements; its scope as well as collection of necessary data. If these basic parameters are unclear before the process of data migration then it would result in ambiguity. The end deliverables would not be in accordance with the client’s objectives and their expectations from the project. Therefore, planning should be done with great Neelatech to ensure that the information transmission takes place effectively from one level to another.


2. Pre-Migration checks:
This step involves the assessment and analysis of current server state before the actual migration takes place. In this stage, data is migrated to the test environment and the outcomes are noted. If there are any issues during the transfer then those problems are rectified and sorted out in a timely manner to ensure that when the actual transfer commences there would be no loss of information.

3. Migration:
At this stage, the actual migration takes place to the new server. The process takes place in the production environment where the changes are made on the live domain. Whatever changes made at this stage would be visible to the end users.

4. Post Migration:
At the post-migration stage, the data is removed from the old server. At this stage, clean up works take place and everything from the old server is wiped out.

5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT):
Once data migration works are completed, standard checks are carried out to ensure good data integrity. Client can assess if their objectives and expectations are met and communicate their feedback to the team for any minor adjustments to be done where needed.

Server Monitoring

Have you ever heard your personnel saying that your company’s server is down? Do your customers face difficulties while accessing the content of your website? Are you facing issues relating to the sending and receipt of emails? Do you feel that someone else is using your server? If you are facing any of such problems then it is the time that you take a look at diagnosing the problems in the server and quickly resolve the issues to deliver a seamless experience to the end users.

What is Server Monitoring?
Server Monitoring can be defined as a process of observing and charting the server resources like the CPU usage, Network Usage, Disk Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, etc. to ensure that your application’s overall health is well maintained and this eventually can improve your capacity planning by delivering a stable connection to the end users.

The Server Monitoring service allows you to protect the epicenter of your IT infrastructure. With this service, one can be alerted to possible hazards that can cause major downtime round the clock, anywhere, at any instant of time. This helps in providing supreme control over your businesses by getting you prepared for the situations of emergency.

Why server monitoring is important?
Server Monitoring plays a major role in the downtime management of your business. Server management can assist in the monitoring of server resources and its allocation. If a server does not have appropriate resources, it could lead to latency issues, slow performance, server unresponsiveness and server crashes. This could directly impact negatively on company’s revenue, brand name, search engine ranking, and low business conversions due to the decreased level of customer satisfaction resulting in technical hiccups.

Therefore, server monitoring is required by the businesses for ensuring that your server is functioning properly with minimal cost without incurring damage to your operations. With the help of server monitoring, an individual can pick up small things before they become bigger and severe for the smooth conduct of your business. This would ensure service availability at all times.